Since July 2015, we have hesitated to launch this forum. Now, we've got the decision : forum is officially launched.

This forum is to grow a community mainly built by our customers and our staff. But any other people can subscribe and talk in this forum.

We made very easy rules which can be resumed in theses lines :
  • Registration is a must to post messages on the forum.
  • Main language is english. All posts must be in English, except private messages if you wish use any other language.
  • Members are not allowed to threaten anybody using this forum.
  • Respect confidentiality. Don't post any private data on the forum, including passwords, bank accounts, ...
  • Attachments can not include any viruses or any other malware.
  • No adult content allowed.
  • Multiple account not allowed.
  • Posting on the good forum will reduce our moderator's job. Be nice. ;) Read forum description to know more where you should post your message.
  • Use a good english without any SMS abbreviations. I know many peoples can have bad english but try to write as clear as possible.
  • Double posts not allowed. Including posting the same threads on multiple forum.
  • Don't copy-paste content from other websites.
  • Be nice with another members. ;)
  • On the forum Officials announcements, users can only reply to existing topics.
Hope you will follow them. It can be updated at any time. Check it periodically.